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20 years ago, Google processed 10,000 queries every day, and today, Google's search engine records more than 40,000 searches every second.


Your online presence on web sites is also your chance for a good first impression. The process of making or redesigning the site is not "just so" simple.


The average businessman receives around 100 mails per day. Yes, daily. In order not to drown in the ocean of received mails, we usually scan the inbox in search of relevant information and everything else ends up in the trash.


In order this not to happen to your mails, it's important to work on both the design and the content.


We create newsletters that pass through your clients 'and customers' inboxes and generate results. Our strategy is the following: interesting content (we think a lot about titles), responsive design, utilization of subscriber information and site visitors when generating relevance, segmentation, testing, reports, and analytics. We will help you send mails that your customers will not ignore.




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SLOVENIA: +386.17774288 UKRAINE: +380.632060324 USA: +1.3475605461

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info@distra.me, distra.me, FB: distraEU


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