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We will find your target group, point to your site, create a communication channel

from you to the customer, from the customer to you and we will create content for you.


d.istra, the Digital Marketing and new communication channels agency, started working in 2015. Although we are a young agency, we have a huge number of successful projects and collaborations made during this 3 years of our existence.

Our basic goal is service and orientation to the customer in order to improve its business. Our field of activity is digital marketing, new communication channels, artificial intelligence and classical marketing. Our basic task is to find your target group, to direct your site, to create a communication channel from you to the customer, from the customer to you and to create content for you. We approach each client individually, investing a lot of time and effort into joint collaboration.

In our professional team there are currently 25 employees, and our business has been expanded beyond the borders of Croatia, so we have branches in Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia and USA. The services we offer are: web site design, social network creation and management, internet advertising, content marketing, graphic design, video production, SEO optimization, email marketing, branding and PR ....


From making a website, across the entire social networking campaign, untill the content marketing. When you arrive, we will first talk about what you want to achieve. Then we analyze the tools, techniques and capabilities available so that you can make the right choice. There may be an easier and better way than the one you have imagined. It's time to start using the tools and services of the 21st Century!



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We're finding your target group, pointing to your site, and creating

a communication channel from you to the customer and from the customer to you.

About 20 years ago, Google processed 10,000 queries every day, and today, Google's search engine records more than 40,000 searches every second.

Web sites are replacing showrooms, and your online presence is also your chance for a good first impression. The process of making or redesigning the site is not "just so" simple.

The average businessman receives around 100 mails per day. Yes, daily. In order not to drown in the ocean of received mails, we usually scan the inbox in search of relevant information and everything else ends up in the trash.

According to the latest world statistics, of a total of 7.5 billion people, Facebook monthly uses 2 billion people.

Social networks can help you gain online recognition and further strengthen your brand by bringing you familiar with your audience as one person to another and making your brand more accessible not only to existing but new consumers.

YouTube has more than a billion users, it brings together almost one third of the total number of internet users across the world. Even 45% of people watch over one hour of video material on Facebook or YouTube.

Be ahead of your competition! Our application developers will help you raise your standards and communicate with your customers at a completely new level.

Influencer marketing is particularly represented in digital communication channels because they are very dynamic and the most information is exchanged just over them.

The blog is an Internet publication (web) that contains primarily periodical articles in reverse time so that the latest articles are at the top of the page.

Advertising on the Internet is a set of strategies and techniques that use the Internet as a business communication channel to support and achieve the overall marketing goals of an organization or company.

A well targeted campaign is the most effective way to bring new customers to your website. Whether you want to reach potential customers, improve your product's recognition, or retain existing customers, AdWords ads are the way we can achieve it best for you.

Our mission is to tell your story, and our designers do this through the persuasive and professional design of the materials you use every day in your business. And all this without drama and exhaustive protocols.

If you are still trying to sell something to the buyers, quit now! People are not interested in your product, your business. What they are interested in is their life, their interests, their problems.

The startup program is designed to help future entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. The program consists of interactive workshops where you will have the opportunity to work with professional trainers and mentoring sessions during which you will be able to get advice from experienced and affirmed entrepreneurs.


4. industrijska revolucija iz temelja mijenja svijet i način na koji surađujemo jedni s drugima, mijenja naše radno okruženje, poduzeća, društvene odnose, javni i privatni sektor.

Komunikacijske mogućnosti Interneta omogućile su poduzećima uspostavljanje kontakta s potrošačima putem još jednog medija, koji je, za razliku od postojećih, pružio mogućnost dvosmjerne komunikacije.

Šta je to digitalni marketing? Digitalni marketing je dio marketinga koja se prije svega bavi kreiranjem online strategije u cilju brendiranja i poboljšanja vidljivosti digitalne prisutnosti neke tvrtke na internetu.



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